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City Guide Hamburg: the Kunstverein
Daniel Milohnic: "Sleeping Buddha", 2009, Installationsansicht Kunstverein Hamburg (Courtesy Kunstverein Hamburg/Foto: Fred Dott)


Exciting approaches appeal to a broad public and make Hamburger Kunstverein one of Germany’s most important art associations.

Kunstverein certainly manages to hold its ground although located between the two big magnets, the Kunsthalle and Deichtorhallen. Founded 200 years ago it is the oldest institution in the trio, and by far the most versatile. Supported, loved, and criticized by over 2000 members, it is one of the most important in the country. This has to do with a consistent selection of artists who prefer conceptual or formal approaches, and whose positions are neither malleable nor needing approval. There is no lack of space: the exhibitions aimed at all generations are held in a former 1,200-square-meter market hall.


Adress: Klosterwall 23, Hamburg, opening hours: Tues.– Sun. 12 noon – 6 p.m.; please check the Website for opening hours on holidays.

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (1), Bucerius-Kunst-Forum (2), Hamburger Kunsthalle (3), Deichtorhallen (4), Kunstverein (5), Falckenberg Collection (6), Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof (6), Ernst-Barlach-Haus, Jenisch-Haus (7), Fleetinsel (8)