Galleries on Schleifmühlgasse

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Vienna City Guide: Galleries on the Schleifmühlgasse
Blick in die Ausstellung "G.R.A.M., café paparazzi", Christine König Galerie, Wien, 2009 (Courtesy Christine König Galerie, Wien)


The Schleifmühlgasse is home to renowned galleries belonging to Georg Kargl, Gabriele Senn, Kerstin Engholm and Klaus Engelhorn as well as Christine König.

Not far from the Naschmarkt on Schleifmühlgasse, four of the most significant galleries in international contemporary art are located within striking distance. Georg Kargl opened his rooms here in 1998. By now this space has increased to 350 square meters, including the BOX that opened in 2005, boasting a façade designed by Richard Artschwager. Kargl successfully represents artists such as Markus Schinwald, Muntean/Rosenblum and Gerwald Rockenschaub. Gallerie Senn was founded in 1997 and today operates its rooms over two floors. Amongst the artists represented here are Cosima von Bonin, Kai Althoff and Georg Herold. Galerie Engholm Engelhorn opened in 1999 and artists such as Hans Schabus, Misha Stroj and Yael Bartana are included in its program. The gallery, which was founded by Christine König in 1989, moved here in 1999 and promotes artists such as Pierre Bismuth, Jimmie Durham and Vicken Parsons.

Galleries on Schleifmühlgasse

Addresses: Georg Kargl, Schleifmühlgasse 5, Vienna. Opening times: Tue-Fri 11a.m.-7p.m., Thu 11a.m.-8p.m., Sat 11a.m.-4p.m. Gabriele Senn Galerie, Schleifmühlgasse 1a, Vienna. Opening times: Tue-Fri 11a.m.–6p.m., Sat 11a.m.-3p.m. Galerie Engholm Engelhorn, Schleifmühlgasse 3, Vienna. Opening times: Tue-Fri 11a.m.-6p.m., Sat 11a.m.-3p.m. Christine König Galerie, Schleifmühlgasse 1a, Vienna. Opening times: Tue-Fri 11a.m.-7p.m., Sat 11a.m.-4p.m. please consult the galleries’ Websites for Bank Holiday opening times.

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