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Three cities, one art region: diversity on the shores of Rhine and Neckar

In the metropolitan Rhine/Neckar region, Mannheim is a visitors magnet thanks to its Kunsthalle, with its renowned collections of 19th and 20th-century paintings, while the Reiss-Engelhorn Museums impress, along with the Forum Internationale Photographie. The neighboring city of Ludwigshafen, in Rhineland Palatinate, also has contemporary art exhibitions at the Kunstverein and 20th-century art is showcased at the Wilhelm Hack Museum. At Heidelbergs Kunstverein, the focus is on international trends, while the Museum Sammlung Prinzhorn exhibits historical works featuring images of psychiatric patients. The cities team up to host largest curated German photography festival.

Mannheim classics - Kunsthalle

A wide-ranging collection: The museum’s collection includes 19th and 20th-century paintings and sculptures with works by Francis Bacon, Max Ernst, Edouard Manet and Richard Long < more >

02 / 03 / 2011

Mannheim classics - Museum Zeughaus

Special exhibitions that bring in the crowds: The museum is part of the Reiss Engelhorn Museums and showcases exhibits from the 18th-century heyday of aristocracy, the 19th-century bourgeois world as well as ancient Greek, Roman and Etruscan works < more >

02 / 03 / 2011

Heidelberg classics - Museum Sammlung Prinzhorn

Images from psychiatric institutions: Physician and art historian Hans Prinzhorn was fascinated by pictures of psychiatric patients and so decided to collect them. This collection is now on display in a former lecture hall at the Neurological Clinic < more >

02 / 03 / 2011

Ludwigshafen classics - Wilhelm-Hack-Museum

Classical modernity and constructively concrete art: The ceramic façade designed by Joan Miró in 1979 is the Museum’s trademark feature as the most important gallery of 20th-century art in the Rhineland Palatinate < more >

03 / 03 / 2011

Inside tip Mannheim - Forum Internationale Photographie/ZEPHYR – Raum für Fotografie

Historic and contemporary photography: The Forum Internationale Photographie has a collection with travel photos from the Reiss siblings and the Robert Häusser Archive. In the ZEPHYR Raum für Fotografie, one can view works by video artists and photographers < more >

02 / 03 / 2011

Inside tip Mannheim - Mannheimer Kunstverein

One of the oldest Kunstvereine in Germany: The Verein was founded in 1983 and promotes the work of emerging artists and hosts ten exhibitions a year in its generously sized pavilion < more >

02 / 03 / 2011

Inside tip Heidelberg - Heidelberger Kunstverein

An ambitious exhibition program: Internationally up-and-coming artists such as Martin Creed, Armin Linke and Kitty Kraus have already had their works displayed in the Kunstverein. Every year, up to 12 exhibitions are held over the Kunstverein’s three floors, at times parallel to one another < more >

02 / 03 / 2011

Inside tip Ludwigshafen - Kunstverein Ludwigshafen

Committed to photography: The Kunstverein is at home in a large hall, flooded with natural light from its skylights. The Verein is primarily dedicated to photography and presents the Sponsorship Award for Documentary Photography < more >

03 / 03 / 2011

Kunsthalle Mannheim (1), Museum Zeughaus (2), Museum Sammlung Prinzhorn (3), Wilhelm-Hack-Museum (4), Forum Internationale Photographie (5), ZEPHYR Raum für Fotografie (5), Mannheimer Kunstverein (6), Heidelberger Kunstverein (7), Kunstverein Ludwigshafen (8)