Ausstellung in Paris
Theater der Macht

Louvre,  Paris
Bilder als Machtinstrumente: Mit welchen Strategien absolutistische Herrscher ihre Position in ihren Porträts legitimierten, zeigt eine Ausstellung mit rund 50 Werken
Theater der Macht

Informationen zur Ausstellung: The Petite Galerie exhibition for 2017–2018 centers on the connection between art and political power. Comprising contributions from the Louvre and other major French cultural institutions, it examines political image codes from ancient times up to the present: artworks representing the prince as “warrior,” “builder,” or “national hero”; references to ancient models; and objects symbolic of power. Visitors are shown how images have been used to legitimize power, notably in the case of France’s King Henri IV, who is a special point of focus. Among the works on display are famous portraits of monarchs and emperors including Louis XVI and Napoleon. Also in the spotlight are items emblematic of the monarchy, such as the regalia associated with the coronation of the kings of France. The exhibition closes with representations of liberty born of the French Revolution of 1789 and thought-provoking images deconstructing the codes of power.  (Quelle: Pressetext)

Quai du Louvre

75058 Paris



Öffnungszeiten Mi–Mo 9–18, Mi, Fr bis 21.45