Ausstellung in Humlebæk
Rineke Dijkstra – The One and the Many

Die niederländische Fotografin (*1959) ist für ihre intimen und eindrucksvollen Porträts bekannt, die Ausstellung mit 80 Foto- und Filmarbeiten ist ihre erste Retrospektive in Skandinavien
Rineke Dijkstra – The One and the Many

Informationen zur Ausstellung: The Dutch photographer Rineke Dijkstra (b. 1959) has worked with the portrait photograph for many years, often in series. Dijkstra’s photography stages two fundamental truths about humanity: that we are very similar, and yet very different. In her large photographs and film works Dijkstra captures people who come to a halt – on a beach, at a party, in life – so that they are amazingly present, right there in the living moment. Dijkstra is typically interested in transitions, the stages in life when we are on our way to becoming ourselves plus something else. The schoolchild who stands a little uncertainly in a bathing costume on the beach; the teenager who offers his hand on the dance floor; the very young man who has just donned a military uniform; women who have just given birth. From time to time Dijkstra makes effective use of a kind of “before, during and after” series. Without being spectacular scenes, her pictures are also about how, in the encounter with the subjects, we ourselves relive lost moments and exchange looks with our own history: how we meet ourselves! Rineke Dijkstra is known from works in Louisiana’s collection, but the exhibition is the first overview of her art in a Scandinavian context.  (Quelle: Pressetext)


Gl. Strandvej 13

3050 Humlebæk



Öffnungszeiten Di–Fr 11–22, Sa, So bis 18