Ausstellung in Humlebæk
William Kentridge – Thick Time

Große Soloschau des südafrikanischen Künstlers (*1955), der mit philosophischen, literarischen und filmischen Ansätzen eine Synthese von Bewegtbild, Sound und Performance schafft. Weitere Station 29.7.–5.11.2017 Rupertinum, Salzburg

Informationen zur Ausstellung: For the first time in Scandinavia Louisiana is presenting a major solo exhibition of the South African artist William Kentridge (b. 1955), who is known all over the world for his drawings, films, sculptures, performances and opera and theatre productions. The exhibition William Kentridge – Thick Time focuses on a number of the artist’s distinctive works from the period 2003-2016, representing a striking new departure in Kentridge’s oeuvre with their complex anatomy. The artist had his breakthrough in the early 1990s with poetic black-and-white stop-motion films, but since the turn of the millennium he has developed his formal idiom and combined his love of both the film and theatre world in a series of overwhelming installations – environments, or a kind of theatrical stages in which the viewer is enveloped and overwhelmed by compositions consisting of moving images, music and sculptural objects. At the heart of the exhibition is humanity; the colonized, the regulated, the oppressed, the refugee and the dreaming human being. With great humour, empathy and poetry Kentridge’s works depict mankind’s navigation through the world, so much influenced by and subjected to our mappings, concepts of time and ideologies. Among other works the exhibition presents Right Into Her Arms (2016), 7 Fragments for George Méliès, Day for Night and Journey to the Moon (2003), O Sentimental Machine (2015), More Sweetly Play the Dance (2015), The Refusal of Time (2012) and Second-hand Reading (2013). William Kentridge – Thick Time is organized in collaboration with Whitechapel Gallery, London, Museum der Moderne Salzburg and The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester.  (Quelle: Pressetext)


Gl. Strandvej 13

3050 Humlebæk



Öffnungszeiten Di–Fr 11–22, Sa, So bis 18